A feeling that transcends the sheer borders of sensuality, streching like a lyrical poem into the very verges of the infinite. A kaleidoscope of image as exotic to the eye as they are soothing to the soul... Tall green palms swaying in the wind beside exotic beaches where the surf whispers psalms of comfort...Lust verdure covering pristinely sculpted meadows... Jungle streams gurgling nature's peace at one moment and crashing through rocks forming spectacular waterfalls the next... Welcome to the land, gifted by God. Welcome... to God's Own Country. In this neckale of beautiful gems, stands out one shining brighter than the rest...

Hardly few metres to the west, from our hotel, the road ends at a picturesque spot of the beach- the papanasam which literally means a place that delivers one from sins. The lotus shaped beach provides a never to be forgotten for a thousand of Hindu pilgrims all over India, who flock together on new moon days and on special occasions to perform religious rites for the purification of the souls of their dear, departed fore fathers.What a magnificient sight nature unravels here on one side the sublime heights of the cliff and on the other, the ever-chanting ocean gently washing their feet!

Just a km to the east of the beach of Papanasam is the ancient temple dedicated to lord Janardhana. The reference to this temple in the oldest Hindu scriptures like Brahmananda Purana, the Skanda Purana and the Garuda Purana stand testimony to its antiquity and sacredness.The temple is believed to be more than 2000 years old. An inscription in the temple says it was renovated in A.D 1252. This and the style of its architecture, alien to the temple art of Kerala, point to the fact that it was buit and cared for by the rulers of Pandya Kingdom.Known as the Dakshina Kasi, it is held a great esteem by the Hindu all over India.

About 2 km to the east of Janardhana temple, on the left side of the road that goes to Kallampalam, stands the Sivagiri Hills sanctified and immortalized by Maha Samadhi of hi holiness, Sree Narayana Guru. Such serenity and awesome magnificence pervade the very atmosphere of the place that one cannot but hold communion with nature and the creator of these hills. Tha hills and the dales, the fronds and the green fields, the humming birds and the hymn chanting Sanyasis, the deepl blue sea ranging to match up the sky at the deep west horizon, all a unique scene that enervates and ennobles the soul.

From Sivagiri travelling northwards along winding roads for about 3 kms through the valleys with wide expanses of green paddy fields, cut accross by silvery streams and reddish hills covered with coconut groves, one can reach the hill top at Kayalpuram. Down the hill side there lies the lake in a panoramic setting, caught between the hills and the thin strech of coconut trees firing the shore and the elongated strip of sea.

There are numerous centres for yoga and massage. Most of these places are seasonal and the quality varies. You should be careful in picking the right place. If possible, find out the background of the instructors. One-week to one-month programs are available. You can also attend meditation classes taken by the swamis of the Sivagiri Mutt. There is also a nature cure centre near the beach